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Think differently

Think beyond the banks money

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1300 633 616

Standard Variable Wealth Package - Special Rate, Special Product

  • Best Wealth Package 
    on the market
  • Unlimited Redraw 
  • Consolidate all your existing
    clients debts into one and save
  • Full Doc variable rate for LVR up to 90% plus LMI. 
  • Terms and conditions apply

As featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine.
Special Interest rate offered to Australian Property Investor magazine subscribers and readers.



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Commercial Loans 

Fixed Commercial Rate for up to 3 years is now available. Act Now!

  • No annual reviews
  • No annual valuations 
  • Consolidate all your existing 
    commercial debts into one and save
  • 20 year term available

Mortgage Fuel Saver™


Standard Variable Home Loan + 15c rebate on your fuel.

  • 15c per litre rebate off your fuel bill for the life of the loan
  • Low standard variable home loan
  • Limit of 50 litres per week
  • Please refer to product disclosure statement for full terms and conditions
  • Terms and conditions apply

As seen on Today Tonight and in the Herald Sun

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You probably know already but my settlement went through on Friday – I am very happy to get that out of the way.
I just wanted to say THANKYOU all VERY much for all your help setting up my mortgage, I appreciate all the time and effort you all put in.
Looking forward to setting up some Super Fund investments with you in the next couple of months.

T.Kelly - Victoria

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We will beat any white label comparison rate. Simply present us with a verified quote from another lender and we will beat it. It's that simple. Conditions apply.



Are you looking for;

  • Fast Approval of Loans
  • Low Doc Loans with 85% LVR no BAS owner occupier and investment properties ?
  • Full doc 80% up to $5 mill no LMI
  • Credit impaired full doc construction
  • Refinance tax liabilities or working capital
  • Jumbo low doc 60% up to 5mill No BAS
  • 90% full doc plus Lenders Mortgage Insurance ?
  • 90% no genuine saving plus LMI
  • No doc residential/commercial loans up to 66%
  • Cash Out ?
  • Difficulties in Obtaining Bank Approvals ?
  • Missed Loan Payments ?
  • Adverse Credit History ?
  • Complex Financial Structures ?
  • Fund company / trusts
  • Commercial full doc up to $50 mill
  • SMSF residential/commercial up to 70%

CALL NOW ON 1300 633 616

Lender conditions apply on all products listed on this site.
All rates quoted on this site are subject to change without notice.
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Want Your Cake and Eat it too?

Co Branding available, Prompt Payment of commissions, same day conditional approval, online Valuations and Credit Checks prior to submission, you own the client. Contact us to;

  • Become a Referral Partner with BTB.
  • Setup your own full accreditation with BTB.
  • Attend the next product training session at BTB.
  • Request a broker information pack to be emailed.

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Full Doc Loans

If you want a standard variable home loan, with a range of flexible features that can be accessed at no extra cost, this might be the loan you need.

Low Doc Loan

If you are self employed, and don’t all have the documents to get a standard loan, then this is might be what you are looking for.

Submit Your Scenario Online

BTB gives you the option to submit your scenario online any time of the day.

Receive prompt turn around on your scenario and we do all the running around to help you set the deal with one of our wholesale funders.

Self Employed - No BAS & No Trading Statements Required

  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • No BAS
  • No Financials
  • Up to 85% LVR
  • Jumbo loans up to $5m also available

More Money Less Hassle

BTB lending strategies are designed to unlock the hidden wealth in your brick and mortar equity.

Our lending solutions are designed to be more flexible than traditional lenders, and we don't discriminate against customers who may have a default or just simply do not fit under the mortgage insurers guidelines. We evaluate each application on its own merits, which allows us to say "Yes" to the majority of your customers' requests for funding.